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Compliance data management web app

Our client was unable to scale their processes for managing compliance tracking and reporting. This was limiting their ability to grow and they were considering a full time hire to take care of manual tasks. We delivered a a manual, pdf-based submission and approval process which was labor intensive, error prone, and difficult to audit.

Our solution

Our client offers compliance services for investment products. The Director of Compliance was coordinating a manual, email and paper based submission and approval process which was labor intensive, error prone, and difficult to audit. As a result, our client was exploring hiring a full time staff member to coordinate operations.

We built a web app to transform this into an automated process which streamlines reporting and approval on events required by regulators. In addition, we built an administrative view that enables monitor and control of required approvals through a compliance dashboard.

Value we provided

Time and cost savings

This app eliminated the need to hire additional staff resulting in significant cost savings. This saved them as much as $100k per year.

Increased capacity

Before this solution, our client was at the limits in terms of clients it could service. With this solution, it can continue to grow its business.

Improved security, privacy, and traceability

Automated and structured data capture enables centralized data storage and straightforward data deletion, in addition to enabling traceability for third party auditors.

User experience differentiation

Clients enjoy a streamlined experience to submit and manage compliance reporting, which has differentiated our client in the commoditized industry of financial compliance services.


Manufacturing simulation application

A manufacturing technology company was developing a desktop app to perform manufacturing simulations. Lacking software development expertise, it struggled to produce a user-facing product.

Our solution

Adapting to our client’s target technology and niche use case, our team quickly ramped up and produced a working prototype within weeks. We supplement their team with as-needed software development as a service so that our client can focus on its core competencies. Partnering with them in this way has allowed us to produce several working demos for our client’s customers and supercharge its application development.

Value we provided

Rapid integration

Within a few months, our team transitioned from providing front-end support to becoming an integral part of their engineering team, developing the core backend including mesh models and algorithms.


We've leveled up their engineering team and improved development velocity by introducing automated deployments, testing and documentation to the project.

Technical partnership

We spent the time to fully emerse ourselves in the nuances of our clients' industry allowing us to become a true software partner that can quickly understand their language and design/deploy solutions to quickly test feature ideas.

Education and training

As we've built this app, we invest extra time to educate our client, helping them to understand technical details at the right level to make optimal design decisions.


Healthcare clinical trial web app

The research arm of a Fortune 50 retail company was considering entering the market of enrolling clinical trial participants with a recruitment web app that fit into its existing web presence, requiring significant buy-in from several arms of the company, including analytics and machine learning, brand and marketing, healthcare, and IT.

Our solution

We worked closely within our client's research incubator in addition to cross-functional teams to design an AI-enabled product with the potential to enhance clinical enrollment trial opportunities in rural and underserved communities. This included working mock-ups of both the customer facing and the company administrative portal to find clinical trial participants.

Value we provided

Written in our client's language

Written completely within the client's current style guide designed to fit in to web assets they had already deployed.

Cross-functional alignment

The working prototype facilitated cross-functional alignment across data science, product, strategy, data engineering, and data stewardship.

End to end solution

Our solution incorporated gathering requirements, generating buy-in, and designing the technical solution.


Data quality platform

A data analytics team experienced frequent delays, failures and data quality issues from source systems. This impacted their ability to serve product recommendations to customers and provide accurate reporting to business stakeholders.

Our solution

A custom application that enables data consumers to register for alerts via email or embed data quality information directly within applications and dashboards leveraging APIs. The key components of the application were:

  • Anomaly detection

    Identified data quality events, delays and failures as well as which downstream data products were affected.

  • Dependency registration interface

    Enabled data producers to add dependencies to the graph by registering pipeline code with the application.

  • Data resolution tooling

    Ensured everyone was notified once a data quality event was resolved.

Value we provided

Time savings

Instead of having to manually figure out everyone who was impacted from a data quality event, this application told data producers what data was affected and provided a mechanism to automatically alert all downstream users and systems.

Data quality

Automatic anomaly detection ensured data was proactively checked for completeness and accuracy. This application provided data consumers up to date data quality information, providing transparency and more confidence in the data they rely on to do their jobs.


Campaign deployment and reporting

Our client conducted a complicated marketing campaign deployment process that required significant manual effort to support. We developed a set of tools, automated pipelines, dashboards and integrations that enabled our client to easily deploy and monitor campaigns within their campaign calendar.

Our solution

We built, deployed and maintained a fully customizable automated campaign deployment tool and pipeline.

  • Full integration

    Send campaign lists to all marketing platforms directly from existing campaign calendaring tools.

  • Custom configuration interface

    Custom configuration interface and language provided campaign operators with the flexibility and extensibility needed to meet complicated campaign configurations without leaving their calendaring tool.

  • Embedded analytics

    Fully automated data export, reporting and analytics out of the box.

Value we provided

Unlock key business questions

For this specific process, automation reduced the support effort from 4 to 0.25 full time contractors. The system enables collecting and storing data in a way that unlocks new analysis and capabilities.

Unlock automated reporting

With the reliability and consistency of the automated solution, our client was able to set up additional automated reports, saving time and providing better visibility into campaign engagement metrics.


Inventory planning app

A supply chain planning team struggled to forecast demand and match it to supply throughout its product development lifecycle.

Our solution

We designed, implemented, and released a web and mobile app for the supply chain organization. Our development process for this app included:

  • Requirements development

    Worked with supply chain executives and planners to prioritize a core set of metrics to monitor supply chain health.

  • Design prototype

    Created prototypes based on business requirements and user personas. We tested the mock-ups with users to ensure alignment before implementation.

  • Implementation

    Pulled metrics from various data environments and built a React app to deliver interactive visualizations available on the web and mobile.

Value we provided

Automatic alerts

Our app provided executives with an early warning system to identify mismatches between demand and supply. Automatic alerts proactively notified an planners to supply chain exceptions and allowed her to diagnose the root cause of the issue, improving planning and forecast accuracy.

Consolidated metrics

The app consolidated metrics from multiple reporting environments, providing a one stop for users. Availability on mobile and tablets provided portable, ready answers to supply chain questions.


Streamline reporting suite

An analytics team produced and maintained hundreds of automated dashboards and ad hoc data products for marketing and finance. With so many legacy dashboards and reports, the team stuggled to maintain the reporting suite.

Our solution

We evaluated all of the data products in its reporting suite streamlining, merging and decomissioning to produce a slimmed down and restructured version that still satisfied all business requirements. The project had the following 3 phases.

  • User Interviews

    Gather information from users of the reporting suite, including: its usage patterns, goals and features that would make our client's jobs easier.

  • Initial State Assessment

    Documented initial state and identified gaps with business priorities and usage patterns.

  • Recommendations

    Designed a solution with the business that met all needs, eliminated waste and redundancy and focused on high impact enhancements.

Value we provided

24/7 customer support

We transitioned approximately half of analytics questions to an offshore service desk, enabling 24/7 customer support. We freed the team from answering support questions, enabling focus on strategic business goals.

Simplified analytics

In addition to providing a better customer experience, our design simplified the team’s analytics portfolio by over 30%.

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