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Learn what makes Zoo Hill Data different from other tech consultancies.

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We're 100% focused on creating value

We spent a decade helping Fortune 500 analytics teams effectively leverage data and software to optimize their business. After years of consulting across many analytics and software projects, we developed a knack for identifying high impact value opportunities. We started Zoo Hill Data to reduce waste and focus 100% on creating value and improving our clients' lives.

We promise to...


We will learn about your unique situation and apply first principles thinking to custom design your solution

Build simple

We will build simple, cost effective solutions that address your goals specifically


We will adapt to your ecosystem and tooling for quicker testing, implementation and adoption

Educate and enable

We will give you the tools and knowledge to manage solutions without us

Check back in

We will check back in to ensure the solution is still relevant and delivering value

Headshot of Alex, Zoo Hill Data's Head of Technology

Alex “Ryan” Terry

Co-Founder, Technology

Alex graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Systems Engineering. Over the past decade, he has provided software engineering and analytics consulting to numerous Fortune 500 retailers. Alex wears many hats - full stack application developer, data engineer, technology strategist and thought leader, product owner, project manager, mentor and delivery lead. For fun, Alex enjoys backcountry skiing, running and cycling.

Headshot of Brian, Zoo Hill Data's Head of Business

Brian Kaemingk

Co-Founder, Business

Brian is a graduate of Calvin College with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and of the USC with an MBA. He has worked in digital analytics, software development, and finance transformation at National Security Agency, Boeing, and EY as a Senior Manager. He has over 10 years experience serving Fortune 50 consumer and technology clients.

Headshot of Bryce, a software engineer at Zoo Hill Data

Bryce Richards

Software Engineer

Bryce is a graduate of Clemson University with a bachelor's in math and of Brown University with a master's in computer science. After grad school he moved to New York City, where he worked at Google as a software engineer and product analyst. Bryce has spent the last several years in his hometown of Charleston, SC, teaching tennis and pursuing hobbies such as improv comedy and chess.

Headshot of Jon

Jon Shkiele

Design & UX

Jon is a creative director and designer living in the Greater Chicago Area. Jon has spent the last 15 years helping companies of all sizes and industries design digital products that educate, empower and inspire their customers. Jon's approach combines a user-centric mindset, visual design, storytelling mechanics and a deep understanding of UX principles to create unforgettable user experiences. For fun, Jon enjoys drawing, skateboarding and camping.

Headshot of Beth, Zoo Hill Data's Operations Manager

Beth Korpi

Operations Manager

Beth is a graduate of Kansas State University and has enjoyed growing multiple small businesses in Operations and Chief-of-Staff positions throughout her career. She joined Zoo Hill in 2023 and is excited to oversee the operations of another growing company. She currently lives in Denver, CO and enjoys spending her free time in the mountains hiking and skiing, exploring new countries, and considers herself an aspiring triathlete.

Join our team

Career options

We are looking for teammates who have versatile software skills and the mindset of an entrepreneur. You need to have a background in one or more of these technologies:

  1. Programming - Python, wxPython, React, Git, Bash
  2. Cloud computing - AWS, Azure, GCP
  3. Data viz and analysis - SQL, Tableau, PowerBI


Zoo Hill Data listened to our initial request and proposed a different approach that produced a superior result, building out our compliance suite from ground up rather than out of the box to deliver a customized experience.

Zoo Hill Data understands the restraints of operating a small business, and moves at the pace best suited for our firm.

Zoo Hill Data took the time to thoroughly learn and understand the unique 'niche' business of our firm and our clients.

Zoo Hill Data recognizes when a request is time sensitive and turns around the result. The team is quick to address any technical concerns when there are issues with the compliance suite, even when it’s user error they take the time to make sure all parties are satisfied.

Zoo Hill Data is easy to communicate with either via email, GitHub, or hoping on a quick video call.

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Our value based process

  1. Listen

    We will learn about your unique situation. We will immerse ourselves in your business and gain the necessary context required to design your optimal solution.

  2. Solution design

    Design a custom solution for you and your specific goals. We follow first principles thinking, make no assumptions and make decisions to maximize flexibility, experimentation and value-to-effort.

  3. Prototype

    It is difficult to evaluate a solution without some sort of prototype or document to experiment with. It could be a very simple representation of the full solution; we will decide together the appropriate level to invest in order to confirm feasability and that we are solving the right problem.

  4. Implementation

    We will stay in close communication, touching base to evaluate value and efficiency tradeoffs and get your buy-in along the way. We will release early and often, allowing you to see progress and provide feedback.

  5. Delivery, monitoring, and maintenance

    We deliver the software with any required knowledge, plans to maintain it and dedicated time to answer questions. We will not leave you with something difficult to maintain and we will take maintenance into consideration right off the bat when designing our solution.

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