We build software on your terms

We build highly customized software to streamline your business operations and better serve your customers.

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App design, development, and deployment on your terms

Development and deployment on your terms

We build specifically for you, integrating directly with your business, technology, and way of working.

Emphasis on maintainability

We consider app maintainability from day one; all deliverables include transition time and documentation.

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Compliance data management web app

A customer portal and data management suite helped a small broker dealer scale their business without hiring additional employees. Built with React, Next and Supabase.

Manufacturing simulation application

A suite of finite element analysis tools and applications to run and analyze the results of manufacturing simulations more efficiently. Built with Python, VTK, matplotlib, pyvista, OOFEM.

Healthcare clinical trial web app

Designed a web app to enroll clinical trial participants for a Fortune 50 retail company's AI and Data Analytics incubation arm.

Every customer is different and we will tailor our process to your specific needs.

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We come with the expertise and confidence you get working with a big consulting firm, minus the waste. Every customer is different and we will tailor our process to your specific needs.

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Development is carried out by passionate engineers

We are looking for teammates who have versatile software skills and the mindset of an entrepreneur. You need to have a background in one or more of these technologies:

  1. Programming - Python, wxPython, React, Git, Bash
  2. Cloud computing - AWS, Azure, GCP
  3. Data viz and analysis - SQL, Tableau, PowerBI
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