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App design, development, and deployment on your terms

Development and deployment on your terms

We build specifically for you, integrating directly with your business, technology, and way of working.

Emphasis on maintainability

We consider app maintainability from day one; all deliverables include transition time and documentation.

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Compliance data management suite

Our client was coordinating a manual, pdf-based submission and approval process which was labor intensive, error prone, and difficult to audit.

Manufacturing simulation app

A manufacturing technology company was developing a desktop app to perform manufacturing simulations. Lacking software development expertise, it struggled to produce a user-facing product.

Healthcare clinical trial POC

The research arm of a Fortune 50 retail company was considering entering the market of enrolling clinical trial participants with a recruitment web app that fit into its existing web presence, requiring significant buy-in from several arms of the company, including analytics and machine learning, brand and marketing, healthcare, and IT.

Data quality platform

A data analytics team experienced frequent delays, failures and data quality issues from source systems. This impacted their ability to serve product recommendations to customers and provide accurate reporting to business stakeholders.

Campaign deployment plugin

A complicated marketing campaign deployment process required significant manual effort to support.

Inventory planning app

A supply chain planning team struggled to forecast demand and match it to supply throughout its product development lifecycle.

Streamline reporting suite

An analytics team produced and maintained hundreds of automated dashboards and ad hoc data products for marketing and finance. With so many legacy dashboards and reports, the team stuggled to maintain the reporting suite.

Every customer is different and we will tailor our process to your specific needs.

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Development is carried out by passionate developers

We are looking for teammates who have versatile software skills and the mindset of an entrepreneur. You need to have a background in one or more of these technologies:

  1. Programming - Python, wxPython, React, Git, Github, Bash
  2. Cloud computing - AWS, Azure
  3. Data viz and analysis - SQL, Tableau, PowerBI
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